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New Brunswick Dept. of Natural Resources adopts Spatial Woodstock for use province-wide

New Brunswick’s Department of Natural Resources has implemented Spatial Woodstock, Remsoft’s spatial planning software, across its organization.

The provincial government department is the first organization to implement Spatial Woodstock province-wide and will use the software for sustainable forest management planning purposes, including long-term wood supply analysis, habitat planning and sensitivity analysis.

It is anticipated that the software packages – assigned to head offices in Fredericton and regions around the province – will also be used extensively to view and review management plans submitted by Crown Licensees – private companies granted licenses to harvest wood from public lands.

Using the software, DNRE can determine whether these twenty five-year management plans – developed using Remsoft software – comply with the government’s criteria for opening size and adjacency restrictions, biodiversity, stream and road buffer zones, habitat location, shape and size, and other spatially explicit requirements. This is possible because Spatial Woodstock maps management plans, enabling DNRE analysts to see how management activities play out on the landscape over time.

The Fish and Wildlife Branch within the department will be using one of the Spatial Woodstock licenses to forecast how forest management activities, harvesting etc., outlined in the 25-year forest management plans will impact wildlife habitat supply spatially in the future.

With Spatial Woodstock the impacts to wood supply of new or modified habitat objectives will be easier to estimate.

"We already use Woodstock and after a demonstration of Spatial Woodstock, we recognize that it can have numerous applications across our department," explains Tom Ng, DNR coordinator of forest management planning.

"We have just purchased Spatial Woodstock, but we can see how it will let us test different scenarios and actually see on maps how making changes or adjusting a particular variable will impact on wood supply, habitat area, biodiversity or other values over time."

Commenting on DNR’s move to implement the software across the board, Doug Jones, Remsoft manager, Forestry and Business Development said that the department should find it convenient to review the management plans with Spatial Woodstock because all the crown licensees use Remsoft software to develop their plans.

"New Brunswick’s DNRE is forward-thinking in its approach to long-term strategic management planning," Doug said. "It is the first organization to adopt the software for use across its whole organization, but we already know of other jurisdictions that are preparing to follow suit."

About Spatial Woodstock
Spatial Woodstock is a software package for mapping forest management plans and other land uses. The software manages the vast quantities of data associated with forest modeling and maps those models, showing how activities – whether man-made or naturally occurring - will affect the forest composition today or 10, 50 or 100 years in the future.

This is useful not only for seeing how the forest composition will change over time, but it is also an invaluable communications tool, enabling land managers to demonstrate to stakeholders – the government, the public or special interest groups – that forests are being managed sustainably for the long-term.

The software works within Remsoft’s suite of products - The Spatial Planning System.

Spatial Woodstock was launched in November 2002 and was quickly adopted by forest product companies, governments, consultants and academics around the world for integrated land management.

Fredericton-based software developer Remsoft Inc. was awarded a KIRA Award for Technological Innovation in May for the development and successful launch of Spatial Woodstock.




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