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Remsoft Analyst for Excel 2017.11

Remsoft Analyst for Excel connects your Woodstock published model (a consolidated, single file of your entire Woodstock project) to Excel so users can access model information, create user-defined and reusable reports, and analyze model information in Excel. Users can quickly drill into and query data behind the reports to gain higher insight and understanding of the scenario results.

This end-user application is dynamically linked to your published models allowing for repeatable and streamlined reporting of model information in the familiar Microsoft Excel. In addition to creating dynamic Excel reports for a single model, users can link to several models for portfolio reporting.

To protect from common risks associated with spreadsheets, Remsoft Analyst for Excel protects the integrity of the report data given that information is directly coming from the secured, locked down published model. This includes ability to highlight Excel report information that is sourced directly from the model to ensure user clarity of “model information” versus “calculated information”

Benefits include:

  • Expand modeling user base within your organization through a familiar business application
  • Filter and drill down into report data, users can see what’s behind the numbers
  • Provide reports that are dynamically linked to the published model allowing for automatic template report updating
  • Share data in a consistent, regular and compliant fashion within your organization
  • Response within minutes or hours to reporting requests; versus days or weeks
  • Achieve greater understanding and acceptance of the optimized plan
  • Enable buy in from others
  • Better insight of strategic forecasts and predicted outcomes across organizational divisions
  • Free up analyst time in generating and explaining reports
  • Consistency - reports can be regularly generated by simply populating your templates with the updated Woodstock model/scenario information. This enables common communication internally
  • Transparency in your organization – allow any level of user to create and/or browse reports, thereby reducing the black box nature of typical model analysis
  • Add more value!

If you are using Remsoft Analyst for Excel 2012.7 you must also download the 2012.7 version of the Remsoft Spatial Planning System.

>> Remsoft Spatial Planning System for Excel 2012.7

>> Remsoft Analyst for Excel 2017.11

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