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Remsoft’s Asset Lifecycle Optimization Solutions Enable Organizations to Solve a Broader Scope of Planning Challenges

March 31st, 2011

FREDERICTON, New Brunswick – March 31, 2011 – Remsoft, the world’s leading provider of asset lifecycle optimization solutions for land-based and infrastructure assets, today announced several enhancements to its advanced analytics, modeling and spatial planning technology.  Demonstrating the company’s commitment to innovation, this release, available now, incorporates twenty-five new features, such as enhanced reporting and analysis, improved model representation and advanced solver integration.  Remsoft remains steadfastly committed to using its research and development resources to continually improve the ease-of-use and effectiveness of its technology.

“Remsoft allows our business to analyze information faster and make more strategic decisions,” said Mike McLarin, Senior Forest Resource Planner, Forestry Tasmania.  “In using Remsoft’s latest technology, we are now able to take into account a greater deal of information and variables, allowing us to solve more complex problems, evaluate more trade-off scenarios and better evaluate any potential moves.”

Whether managing the sustainability of a forestry operation or the maintenance and upkeep of transportation infrastructure, Remsoft users can now run more data inputs, consider more variables and make better, more informed decisions. 

Reporting and Analysis
With improvements to the overall system performance, customers will be able to build, analyze and solve more complex planning challenges—and do it even faster than before.  With its new Analytics Compiler, included as a component of Remsoft’s core RSPS software suite, customers can quickly access information, process it into interactive and data-linked reports and graphics, and reuse it for future analyses or models.  The Analytics Compiler adds the ability to run an ad hoc query or on-the-fly scenario comparison analysis, helping users quickly report, visualize and quantify trade-offs.

Supply chain planning is also a focus of several updates.  Remsoft’s Allocation Optimizer helps customers better analyze the complexities of the supply chain and gives them greater flexibility in organizing model parameters and representing specific scenario outcomes.  One of its key results is a schedule of actions, laying out exactly what needs to be done (and when), enabling users to optimize their supply chain, given current conditions. 

Integration with Remsoft’s optimization engine, Woodstock, is enhanced as well, improving the overall speed of supply chain analysis and reporting.  In addition, information traditionally stored in Random Access Memory is now backed up to disk and permanently stored for future use.

Model Representation
Although the power of the Remsoft solution lies in its ability to help organizations factor in all available information to make better decisions, one of its strongest benefits is the ability to create models, charts and graphs that visualize that data.  By making it easy for executives to see the possible outcomes of a particular decision, there is greater organization-wide understanding of expectations and what can be accomplished with a certain budget figure, for example.

In this update, new model structures for improved organization and efficient navigation are incorporated and the ability to automatically generate model parameters is added, saving users time on model building and constraint formulation.  A new method for variant DLL is also introduced, enabling model inputs to be automatically generated from external data sources. 

An alternative method for calculating spatial relationship information and the improved representation of spatial scheduling problems are also included.  Users can now capture differences in spatial criteria by geography and asset class, adding to the improved flexibility and choice in representing business processes and rules that this update brings.  Customers can now drill deeper into graphs and make reports more useable.

Solver Integration
In order to make asset lifecycle optimization a more seamless process for its customers, Remsoft has integrated best-in-breed mathematical solver capabilities, mixed-integer programming technology and mathematical optimization software from both Gurobi and MOSEK in its analytics solution.  This integration enables customers to work with Remsoft as the main solution provider, instead of having to work with different technical or customer support teams.  A more seamless process makes it a quicker path for customers to reach asset optimization success.

“Our customers need to analyze hundreds of thousands of variables and data points every day—data points that ultimately impact billion dollar decisions,” said Ugo Feunekes, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Remsoft. “They have complex decisions to make, and we are dedicated to developing solutions that make that decision process easier, faster and smarter.  Our latest release will enable clients to be even more strategic in the planning and allocation of their resources.”

About Remsoft
Remsoft provides asset lifecycle optimization solutions that empower executives to maximize the performance and value of land-based and infrastructure assets.  Through advanced analytics, modeling and spatial planning technology, Remsoft simplifies complex, high-variable decisions to fuel long-term sustainability.  Hundreds of organizations worldwide utilize Remsoft software to make the most of their resources and assets. 

For more information, please visit www.remsoft.com or email info@remsoft.com

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