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Remsoft Spatial Planning System is all-new!

October 23rd, 2003

Fredericton, NB - Forestry is as much about the future as it is the present and with the launch of Stanley5 - a major upgrade to Remsoft Inc.'s spatial forest management software - it is now easier to achieve commercial targets and recognize operational realities while also accommodating long-term sustainability goals.

The new software gives foresters and analysts more hands-on control and more choice in creating spatial forest plans and will be of particular benefit to anyone wanting to demonstrate compliance with forest certifications standards, such as SFI. New tools allow Stanley5 users to exercise their judgment and incorporate their own knowledge of the land base into long-term forest management plans, so that plans better meet their goals and objectives - even when those goals and objectives change over time.

The result: Operationally-viable solutions that meet the specific needs of an organization, while respecting spatial arrangements and other regulatory constraints such as biodiversity, habitat levels, and long-term wood supply.

Part of a system-wide upgrade
The Stanley5 release is a part of a significant update to Remsoft's Spatial Planning System, which also sees the launch of Woodstock3.25, forest modeling system and Spatial Woodstock3.25, spatial data management and mapping software tool. This major upgrade to the Remsoft Spatial Planning System will be unveiled at the Society of American Foresters (SAF) 2003 annual convention in Buffalo, October 25 to 27, 2003 and Remsoft will be providing demonstrations of the software at Booth 219.

The coordinated release of these software packages is designed to dramatically improve the entire spatial planning process, giving analysts greater control and insight into their plans and making it easier to balance competing objectives - such as timber yields and long-term sustainability targets.

This release marks a tighter integration of the three complementary software packages and new and existing users of the System will enjoy the enhanced performance of having a single interface instead of having to move back and forth amongst the software packages to perform certain tasks. Other new tools automate repetitive tasks and make workflow processes faster, simpler and more intuitive, while enhanced reporting capabilities let analysts extract far greater information from their data and models.

"Overall what we have is a set of much more powerful decision-making and analysis tools," explains Ugo Feunekes, Remsoft vice-president of research and development and the chief developer of the software. "We've always said that the Remsoft Spatial Planning System should let forest analysts focus on modeling the forest and making better decisions, rather than spending their time massaging data. With this launch, that is even more the case: it is truly open, flexible and puts the user in the driver seat for creating customized forest management plans that meet their needs."

Licensed users of the Remsoft Spatial Planning System who are subscribed to Remsoft's Maintenance Program will receive these upgrades free of charge.

New product highlights
Full integration of Stanley, Spatial Woodstock and Woodstock - seamlessly move from one program to another and streamline the planning process.

Store Stanley Solutions
Store the top 10 Stanley solutions (or more) and then compare them to see the full range of solutions available. Sometimes a small step down in the overall solution may offer some significant benefit in another area. For example, suppose you keep the top 5% of Stanley 's solutions and when you compare them you see that the ones that are just slightly less optimal offer a much better solution in terms of wildlife habitat or something. In that case, you may choose to accept the lower solution or you may go back and tweak with your model or the Stanley settings to address the issue.

Balance multiple objectives
Now you can tell Stanley to balance the flows for up to three different objectives (wood supply vs. adjacency vs.net present value) simultaneously. This capability is incredibly important for someone who needs to block and schedule but has a number of key objectives, all equally important.

Period weighting
In Stanley schedules, the user can use "slide bars" (similar to a stereo equalizer) to increase or decrease the weight (importance) of each period - and they can do it "on-the-fly". So if they want Stanley to try harder to meet the objectives in the first 3 or 4 periods they just slide those bars up, and slide the others down. Or perhaps the user knows something important is happening 15 years from now and it is going to be really important to meet the objectives in that period - they can increase the weight for that period.

Woodstock Solution Simulator
Applies the Woodstock solution to polygons on the ground without considering any of the spatial issues defined in Stanley . This can be a really powerful tool for exploring the nature and extent of the difference in solutions when spatial restrictions are in place and are removed. It will be of significant interest to organizations who want to explore the effects of implementing new spatial restrictions; understanding the specific effects spatial restriction have on the shapes and sizes of blocks and on the timing of actions; and on showing the public the effects of adding or removing restrictions.

About Remsoft
Remsoft Inc. develops and markets industry leading software packages for integrated forest management. Its Spatial Planning Software System - Woodstock, Spatial Woodstock and Stanley - is used for harvest planning and scheduling, habitat modeling and for long-term, integrated land management planning.From its office in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, Remsoft develops, markets and supports its commercial, off-the-shelf software (COTS) products. Remsoft customers include blue chip forestry and paper companies, universities, consultants and government agencies throughout North America, Australia , New Zealand , Southeast Asia and South America.

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Remsoft Media Contacts: Moira Finn Manager, Communications & Publications
Tel.: +1 506 450-1511
Email: moira@remsoft.com

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