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New software allows forest managers to visualize wildlife habitats, Kyoto Accord issues, timber harvesting, environmental issues

November 18th, 2002

Fredericton, NB - Forest managers now have a way to see into the future thanks to a Fredericton-based forest management software company. Remsoft Inc. has added a new dimension to forest modeling with the launch of it new software package, Spatial Woodstock. The software gives forest managers, consultants, regulatory agencies and investors a powerful, new visualization tool, whether harvesting timber, calculating carbon credits for the Kyoto Accord, protecting wildlife habitats or other environmentally sensitive habitats, managing forest lands and more.

Spatial Woodstock was officially released on November 18th, 2002. Spatial Woodstock is the latest product from Remsoft Inc., one of the world's leading forest management software companies. Two of the company's growing roster of products, Woodstock and Stanley, are used by government agencies, timber investment management organizations, the forest industry and others all over the world.

The newest addition, Spatial Woodstock, ties together the forest modeling power of Woodstock and the spatial scheduling capability of Stanley into a new integrated system, offering users one of the most comprehensive and robust forest management tools on the market today.

Spatial Woodstock is capable of visualizing and mapping in real time an unlimited number of scenarios. Tools include spatial maps, real-time spatial editing, hyperlinks, manual editing of block layouts and automatic creation of key data files.

Remsoft President Andrea Feunekes said the new product is a step forward in terms of smoother and simpler work processes, efficiencies and ease of use. "This newly integrated spatial planning application is in a sense the 'missing link'. It provides highly visual, mapped representations of critical information and how change, planning and practices can impact on a resource, next year or one hundred years down the road," she said.

With Spatial Woodstock forest managers can visually demonstrate land management plans and locations on a map and make changes on the fly, said Feunekes. In addition to a myriad amount of other information, the software can be used to demonstrate compliance to certifying bodies or regulatory agencies for green certification, carbon credits for the Kyoto Accord, or even identify habitat requirements and potential locations.

"Instead of analyzing streams of figures, users see a map alter immediately as new information is entered or changed. This new capability adds a whole new level of awareness and analysis, making modeling far more accurate," said Feunekes.

The entire, three-product suite offers a unique single source solution, automatically integrating GIS information.

Using Spatial Woodstock, government agencies will be able to explore the impacts of implementing new and ongoing regulation changes. Industry will be able to address spatial management challenges and map management actions and impacts. And, for consultants, points out Feunekes, the ability to map and change solutions in real time will make public meetings and client consultations much more meaningful.

"The opportunities created by the program are limitless," said Feunekes. Beta testers in large forestry corporations are enthusiastic about the software with at least one early user describing the new capability as 'concept meeting reality.' J.D. Irving's David Young agrees.

"What you dream up in a model and how it actually looks on the ground or in this case an on screen map could potentially be a real eye opener. The spatial approach may even point out a zone of the forest you entirely forgot about."

Feunekes said that you know something is striking a chord with the marketplace when customers offer to purchase sight unseen. "That's what happened earlier this month and even before the product was released." Tapping global markets was in the planning all along, said Feunekes. That meant ensuring the suite of products could be used all over the world, despite differing regulatory environments, wildlife species, species diversity, etc.

"Spatial Woodstock shares the same open-ended platform as Woodstock and Stanley. The data for all three is user-defined, meaning that they can be used by a forest company in New Zealand or a government agency in British Columbia. It's really a question of just plugging it in and starting up," said Feunekes.

Like Remsoft's other applications Spatial Woodstock is a shrink-wrapped, off-the-shelf product - a unique approach to software marketing for the forest industry.

All Remsoft products are backed up by support services second to none, including training and troubleshooting by expert foresters and access to future product upgrades. The 10-year-old company has never had a software product returned. Remsoft Inc. develops and markets industry leading software packages for forest management and wildland fire management. Its Spatial Planning Software System - Woodstock, Spatial Woodstock and Stanley - is used for harvest planning and scheduling, habitat modeling and for integrated land management planning.

Remsoft's fire-weather management software packages include Behave by Remsoft, which is used for wildfire behavior prediction, and WeatherPro3, a software package for collecting, managing and analyzing weather data.

From its office in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, Remsoft markets and distributes its software packages to customers throughout North America, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and South America, including blue chip forestry and paper companies, universities, consultants and government agencies. To learn more about Spatial Woodstock and other forest management software, go to the Remsoft web site: www.remsoft.com.

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