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Remsoft Honors Companies Saving Millions with Its Solutions, Creates Million Dollar Impact Club

le 12 Janvier, 2011

New Brunswick Department of Transportation and American Forest Management Inaugural Members

FREDERICTON, New Brunswick – January 12, 2011Remsoft, the leading provider of asset lifecycle optimization solutions for land-based and infrastructure assets, today announced the inaugural members of its Million Dollar Impact Club.  The club recognizes Remsoft clients that have: saved more than one million dollars, increased revenue by more than $1 million, or increased the value of assets by at least $1 million. The first members of the club are the New Brunswick Department of Transportation and American Forest Management, Inc

“The Million Dollar Impact Club was formed to highlight the work of companies that have realized significant value through asset lifecycle optimization.  The New Brunswick Department of Transportation, with more than $200 million saved in the past three years, and American Forest Management, with more accurate and accountable land appraisals, are two shining examples of the value companies can derive from their assets when using the right technology,” said Steve Palmer, co-CEO of Remsoft. “Remsoft solutions have a direct impact on a company’s bottom line, and this is a way to underscore the profound affect asset management and modeling can have in complex decision environments, especially in the forestry and civil infrastructure industries.”

New Brunswick Department of Transportation
Remsoft’s optimization technology is an important component of the New Brunswick Department of Transportation’s (NBDoT) award-winning Asset Management System (AMS), which it developed and launched in 2005. NBDoT manages one of the oldest and largest per-capita transportation networks in Canada.
AMS has been used to more effectively and sustainably manage the province’s extensive transportation network – including roads, bridges, ferry crossings and more. Already the government agency has saved nearly $70-million annually, all while significantly improving the quality of its transportation network.

“By utilizing Remsoft technology, the New Brunswick Department of Transportation was able to prove the infeasibility of its old approach and arrest the deterioration of road quality province-wide,” said Kim Mathisen, chair of the Taskforce on Asset Management, New Brunswick Department of Transportation.  “We ‘removed the politics from paving’ and increased the quality of more than 1,200 kilometers of road.  We project that by 2020, we will have saved a minimum of $1.4 billion by using Remsoft solutions.”

To learn more about NBDoT and AMS, view a case study.

American Forest Management
American Forest Management, Inc. (AFM), one of the largest forest consulting and real estate brokerage firms in the United States, manages over 4.5-million acres of private timberland and has sold over $956 million in real estate since 2005.  AFM is a long-time user of Remsoft technology and an early adopter of Remsoft Collaborative Analytics.

In addition to using Remsoft’s Spatial Planning System for harvest scheduling and spatial analysis, AFM utilizes Remsoft to create accurate and accountable land valuations and appraisals.  Utilizing the technology’s robust modeling capabilities, AFM is able to include land sales in its long-term timber cash flows, model potential short-term uses beyond timberland and consider what similar lands have sold for in valuations.

For example, in one recently completed pilot project, AFM was able to reduce the time required to edit and review plans by 30-50%, resulting in faster turnaround, a higher value to clients and an increase in overall productivity.  In another instance, AFM helped a landowner change harvesting practices to improve their rate of return by 35 basis points.  By analyzing their land and providing more information to operations, the Remsoft Spatial Planning System allows personnel to simply change which stands to harvest, resulting in net value increases.

AFM utilizes Remsoft Software for acquisition analysis, timberland appraisal cash flows, and forest planning.  The combined asset value of these activities exceeds four billion dollars in an average year. 

“We’re confident that AFM is receiving more than a million dollars in value from working with Remsoft,” said Andy Ferguson, AFM Senior Vice President, Appraisal Services.  “As we use Remsoft’s new analytics capability with an increasing amount of projects, we expect to see that number increase even more.”

To learn more about Remsoft's work with AFM, please view out case study.

For more information about Remsoft products and services, or the Million Dollar Impact Club, please call 506-450-1511 or email

About Remsoft
Remsoft provides asset lifecycle optimization solutions that empower executives to maximize the performance and value of land-based and infrastructure assets.  Through advanced analytics, modeling and spatial planning technology, Remsoft simplifies complex, high-variable decisions to fuel long-term sustainability.  Hundreds of organizations worldwide utilize Remsoft software to make the most of their resources and assets.  For more information, please visit

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