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What do Big Data and Advanced Analytics Technology have to do with Earth Day?

April 22nd, 2013

FREDERICTON – April 22, 2013 – Earth Day is recognized the world over as the day of appreciating the earth’s ecosystems and to raise awareness of the issues that threaten them.

Not only do the earth’s forests store carbon, release oxygen and help counteract the effects of climate change, they play a very important role in alleviating world poverty. 25% of the world’s population are directly dependent on the earth’s forests as a source of food, income, shelter and/or livelihood. The World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Vision 2050 Report states that nine billion people will live on the planet by 2050, and their vision is to work toward ensuring those nine billion live well and within the limits of the planet. And to do so, the Council proposes to cease deforestation in primary forests so they remain intact as a mean to counteract the effects of climate change and biodiversity loss. They also propose increasing the forest plantation yields to meet the world’s resource needs.

The forest industry is a complex and highly-regulated business with narrow revenue margins. As such, they have had to find innovative ways to sustainably manage their assets all along its value chain. The industry has been using linear programming, optimization and analytics for over two decades to manage the resource in a sustainable way.

“Many sectors are only now discovering the value of leveraging their investments in Big Data - something the forest industry has understood for years,” says Doug Jones, advanced analytics vendor Remsoft’s VP of Forestry. “The forest industry is a trail blazer in predictive modeling using advanced analytics. Foresters had to get a handle on sustainability and environmental issues early on, and understood that advanced technologies such as Optimization were an important key to success. Other industries can learn a lot from this sector.”

In the case of Remsoft, their modeling technology is being  applied to forest planning situations globally where companies and government agencies have a primary objective of ensuring sustainability while simultaneously meeting profitability, habitat, compliance and other targets. The end result for their clients? Environmental compliance, improved natural habitat, higher levels of carbon sequestered and an improved bottom line.

So when participating in Earth Day activities this April 22nd, take a minute to think about what we can learn from an industry whose future depends on a sustainably managed forest.

About Remsoft

For over 20 years, Canadian company Remsoft, a leading provider of advanced analytics, modeling and spatial optimization solutions, has been helping 200+ clients on six continents manage the earth’s forests in a sustainable way that takes wildlife habitat, watersheds and riparian zones, natural diversity, carbon sequestration, non-timber forest production, etc., into consideration.

Remsoft provides asset lifecycle optimization solutions that empower executives to maximize the performance and value of their assets. Through advanced analytics, modeling and spatial planning technology, Remsoft simplifies complex, high-variable decisions to fuel long-term sustainability. Hundreds of organizations worldwide utilize Remsoft software to make the most of their resources and assets.  For more information, please visit www.remsoft.com.

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