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Remsoft Solution Suite
Remsoft Solution Suite
World's Leading Modeling &
Spatial Optimization Technology

The Woodstock Modeling Platform is where the heavy lifting is done.

As a modeling framework, it is open and flexible where every input, output, objective, constraint, and action are user-defined then optimized using the science of Operations Research to create, edit, manage and evaluate your plans.

Model building is intuitive and fast.
Better Decisions with Remsoft Analytics

What if you had access to more than just summarized information?

Instead of thumbing through spreadsheets and asking your team to run the numbers in a different way, you could have the information at your fingertips linked directly to a mathematically sound and scientifically proven optimization model.

Now you can easily, quickly and confidently view and edit these numbers as needed – and compare different result scenarios – in order to make the best decisions possible.
Woodstock Modeling Platform

Woodstock Optimization System Woodstock Optimization System
An Optimization model building framework that is open and flexible where every input, output, objective, constraint and action are user-defined. The framework is built so development is intuitive and fast.
Spatial Optimizer Spatial Optimizer
Spatially-explicit schedule of activities to optimize plans. It uses advanced heuristics, adjacency and proximity relationships.
Allocation Optimizer Allocation Optimizer
Allocation Optimizer handles the value chain modeling and optimizes the delivery of products to destinations.
Remsoft Analytics Platform

Remsoft Tactical Planner Remsoft Tactical Planner
View and modify the published models. This is a map-based application with tabular and graphical views of key performance indicators to provide real-time feedback on the impact of changes to the optimized plan.
Remsoft Explorer Remsoft Explorer
Explore and analyze published models to gather usable intelligence from that exploration. You will be able to complete analysis of the models in an intuitive and rich user interface.
Remsoft Analyst For Excel Remsoft Analyst For Excel
Create dynamically linked, user defined reports in a familiar Microsoft Excel interface. Drilldown exploration into the data behind any report.
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