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The Remsoft Solution
As a decision-support tool Remsoft technology enables you to weigh all alternatives and produce actionable and defendable plans that optimally meet your business goals.

Remsoft Solutions are complimentary and easily integrated with your current management system.

Benefits can be realized early in implementation, providing you with a quick time to value or as we call it a "quick win".

With Remsoft you can perform rigorous analyses and identify the optimal use of your resources and assets then take specific actions knowing your plans are backed by hard science.
The Remsoft Solution
Strategic Planning   Tactical Planning   Operational Planning

5 to 100 YRS

3 to 5 YRS

Silviculture Investment Strategies
Risk/Sensitivity Analysis
Harvest Schedules
Timberland Valuation
Investment Planning
Carbon & other Ecosystem Valuation

  • Manage the landbase with a comprehensive asset view both today and in the future
  • Improve capital planning decisions by quantifying the ROI of capital investments and silviculture activities
  • Quantify trade-offs between management objectives and make informed decisions
  • Identify key risks and opportunities to support both business and policy decision making
  • Justify your management and business plans using a repeatable transparent process to satisfy internal/external stakeholders and certification bodies
Procurement Agreements
Supply Chain Optimization
Wood Flow Planning
Harvest & Transport Capacity Planning
Road Maintenance & Construction
Capital Investment Planning

  • Quickly and comprehensively plan for and assess capital expenditure descisions
  • Better plan and co-ordinate infrastructure requirements and scheduling
  • Make informed decisions on procurement agreements
  • Balance the supply and demand chain from harvest to final sale to maximize return on stump
  • Improve insight to the operational resources needed to execute the tactical plan
Harvest Production Scheduling
Crew Scheduling
Budget Planning
Mill Delivery Planning & Scheduling
Resource Allocation & Capacity Planning
Full Process Transparency

  • Reduce operating costs: reductions can be measured in the millions of dollars
  • Increase harvest productivity by assigning the right cutting pattern and crew to the right block
  • Capitalize on market conditions
  • Minimize float times and system bottlenecks
  • Increase customer satisfaction through reliable, consistent supply
  • Automate, act and react when plans fall through
World's Leading Modeling &
Spatial Optimization Technology

The Woodstock Modeling Platform is where the heavy lifting is done.

As a modeling framework, it is open and flexible where every input, output, objective, constraint, and action are user-defined then optimized using the science of Operations Research to create, edit, manage and evaluate your plans.

Model building is intuitive and fast.
Better Decisions with Remsoft Analytics

What if you had access to more than just summarized information?

Instead of thumbing through spreadsheets and asking your team to run the numbers in a different way, you could have the information at your fingertips linked directly to a mathematically sound and scientifically proven optimization model.

Now you can easily, quickly and confidently view and edit these numbers as needed – and compare different result scenarios – in order to make the best decisions possible.
Woodstock Modeling Platform

Woodstock Optimization System Woodstock Optimization System
An Optimization model building framework that is open and flexible where every input, output, objective, constraint and action are user-defined. The framework is built so development is intuitive and fast.
Spatial Optimizer Spatial Optimizer
Spatially-explicit schedule of activities to optimize plans. It uses advanced heuristics, adjacency and proximity relationships.
Allocation Optimizer Allocation Optimizer
Allocation Optimizer handles the value chain modeling and optimizes the delivery of products to destinations.
Remsoft Analytics Platform

Remsoft Tactical Planner Remsoft Tactical Planner
View and modify the published models. This is a map-based application with tabular and graphical views of key performance indicators to provide real-time feedback on the impact of changes to the optimized plan.
Remsoft Explorer Remsoft Explorer
Explore and analyze published models to gather usable intelligence from that exploration. You will be able to complete analysis of the models in an intuitive and rich user interface.
Remsoft Analyst For Excel Remsoft Analyst For Excel
Create dynamically linked, user defined reports in a familiar Microsoft Excel interface. Drilldown exploration into the data behind any report.
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