Remsoft Introduces Solution for Integrated Road Planning

FREDERICTON, Canada – July 31, 2019

Remsoft, a global leader in Optimization Software for Land-Based Asset Management, today announced the launch of Road Optimizer, an integrated planning solution with Remsoft Consulting Services. Road Optimizer creates a significant opportunity for forestry companies to align and optimize road planning within their harvest scheduling.

Road building and maintenance costs are high in most forest operations. Road planning often has a direct impact on the cost of crew movement and haulage and impacts the efficiency of harvest schedules. One of the major causes of cost increases in harvesting is due to the spatial dispersion of operations and lack of coordination between harvest and road planning. Maintaining more roads than necessary at any given time results in higher road maintenance costs, more crew movement costs, and more complex roadside inventory and transportation management.

Maximizing production and minimizing operations costs can be challenging for companies managing multiple high-value assets with numerous conflicting priorities. Bridging the strategic and operational gap in forest planning, Remsoft’s Road Optimizer brings an enhanced level of road detail to operations scheduling, reducing wood supply costs by aligning infrastructure and harvest efforts.

As recognized experts and thought leaders in the field of sustainable resource management and advanced analytics and optimization technologies, Remsoft’s greatest strength lies in solving large and complex problems. Clients use Remsoft software and solutions to develop their strategic, tactical and operational plans, as well as for production, delivery, and sales planning.

With the launch of Road Optimizer, Remsoft continues to use technical advances in mathematical optimization to improve the condition and productivity of the world’s land-based assets. Road Optimizer will enable forest operations to improve the allocation of resources for achieving desired outcomes with more profitability, sustainability, and mitigated risk.

Remsoft – A History of Results

Since 1992, Remsoft has been a key partner to public agencies, leading products companies, timber investment management organizations (TIMOs), and appraisal consulting companies by balancing conflicting priorities and goals to more effectively manage risks, costs and decision complexities, while creating sustainable value. By helping companies to make the right decision at the right time, they have become the industry standard in forestry planning and scheduling.

Headquartered in Canada and with a subsidiary in Brazil, Remsoft services global markets directly and through strategic partnerships with solutions providers.

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